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Russian localization is one of the most effective and cost effective ways of attracting partners and clients from Russia.
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Website Translation & Advertising

Site localization is one of the most effective and cost effective ways of attracting partners and clients from Russia. It is your company`s gateway into the Russian market. In order to raise awareness of your product or service in the marketplace and efficienty reach out to your target consumers, it is essential to speak your message in the words of their own language. We offer services of website translation - corporate sites, online catalogues, e-shops, online business cards etc.

A site in Russian is an important step towards developing you relations with Russian partners and clients. The quality of such translation will influence your reputation and success of your business. Websites are translated by professional translators-native speakers of the Russian language. A site in Russian is the face of your company - that is why stylistic correctness of the text is really important.

The price of website translation includes translation of the text on the site pages and that of graphic objects, menus, databases and tags. Translation price is given for one standard page of original text (1800 printed characters including spaces).

Only a text in Russian can deliver all the advantages and benefits of your products and services rendered by your company, in order to attract your potential buyer from Russia. What`s the difference between website translation and document translation?

The translated text of a website should be adapted considering the specifics of the target audience in Russia - the audience you seek to attract.

Texts from a website a characterized by a concise and laconic content. The main difficulty in translating website texts into Russian is the choice of correct terminology.

The text of the website should be translated in compliance with the stylistic and lexical norms commonly accepted for the given sphere of activity.

Besides translation of website texts, it is necessary to translate all the elements of the interface, graphic object: buttons, menus, as well as all the service information of the site, invisible to a user.

If the text of the website is available in a database (for example, MySQL), you can give us a database dump, and we will do the rest of the work ourselves.

For Russian localization, we would need to have the text from its pages presented in any kind of format (for example, MS Word). It`s necessary to calculate the cost of your website translation.

The most difficult thing in translation into Russian and other Slavic languages is associated with the use of text encoding of the website pages (Win1251, Koi8r). Sometimes, the problem of correct displaying of Russian text on the pages of a website can be solved only by the hosting provider.

The most difficult thing in website translation into oriental languages that use hieroglyphs for writing is substantial discrepancy between the size of the text in the original and the target language, as well as the complexity of making up pages of translated text.

The major difficulty in translating a website into Hebrew and Arabic is the reverse writing direction - from the right to the left. In the majority of such cases it is necessary to modify the engine of the website.

Website Advertising

After website translation, another task appears at once - that of maintaining and updating the content of the website. "Flarus" Translation Agency offers complex linguistic support of a website in the Russian language: timely translation of new pages, editing Russian texts in online regime. We are happy to offer support of advertising campaigns of your website in the Russian-speaking Internet (Runet). Promotion of websites implies selection of key Russian words corresponding to your sphere of business, as well as organization and support of advertising work in Russian-language search engines Direct (Yandex) AdWords (Google), Begun, search of partner websites in the .RU domain.

Websites translated by us, do not require reworking. Translated texts can be used in presentations, leaflets in Russian, magazine articles, video and audio materials recorded for the Russian audience.